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A'maze_ing Concept

The A'maze_ing concept refers to a broader perspective, beyond art appreciation – it offers a new way of thinking. The combination of elements allows you to disconnect from your routine, offering your brain a ride. Nevertheless, in this journey the objective is not to get you lost through the labyrinth, but instead, you would be able to force yourself taking new routes, different from the same regular path.

Throughout this journey, you will discover new places, new feelings and new sensations. Moreover the main path is always and at any moment available to be taken. Therefore, the A'maze_ing purpose is to force yourself to disconnect and relax, walking through the paintings and objects.

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Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely inspires me because of the study of logarithmic forms and the optical illusion that can be achieved with those forms. I’m also very interested by the use of very limited forms and colors. Vasarely allowed me to understand something important regarding the A’maze_ing concept: a dynamic can be created by superimposed forms; depending on the viewpoint.

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper allowed me to understand that a painting is not just a picture of a moment; a painting narrates a story. When you look at a Hopper’s work and come back after 5 minutes its look like something has moved, subsequently the work is in constant movement. Another aspect which inspires me a lot is the perfect use of shadow offering a vision of perspective and consolidating the idea of movement.


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